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Book a Speaker

We’d like to come and talk to your church, social club or coworkers about the prevention of family collapse and harm to children.  It’s a topic of interest to anyone who believes that healthy families are what we need for success- as individuals, and as a nation.

Staff from The Family Effect give nearly 100 talks each year, and we’ve got a short, compelling presentation that we can tailor to your group’s interests and timing.  If you would also like to hear about specific volunteer opportunities, we can arrange that as well.

Your group will not be asked for donations during the presentation.

Interested?  Call us at (864) 467-4757.  We will put together something that works perfectly for your group’s needs and schedule.  You can also send us an email.

Give it some thought.  Every time you help us spread the word, you are working to prevent family collapse and harm to children.